Hot Korean Language & Culture How-Tos

How To: Practice Korean vocabulary with pictures

Check out this Korean language tutorial video to practice your vocabulary skills. This instructional video is a part of the picture/vocabulary series to help learners practice their Korean skills. This video is a great lesson for advanced learners who want to listen to native speakers, but it is also helpful for advanced beginners to build up their vocabulary skills. Watch as this instructional language video provides pictures supplemented by voice over with thorough explanations of each Kore...

How To: Read and write Hangul

Check out this Korean language tutorial to learn how to read and write Hangul. This is the native alphabet of the Korean language. Watch the first video in the series, "How to Read and Write Hangul." Romanization is not the most effective method of writing Korean, so learn how to read and write the Hangul alphabet with this instructional Korean video.

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